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Aside from the standard meals, we also provide vegetarian, gluten free, low salt, and sugar free meals. Each meal includes bread, margarine, milk and juice on the side. We can cater to all your exact needs in terms of menus and size.

If you need meals for the purpose of distribution to homes, they can be sent in packages of meals for five days, six days or seven days. Those meals are delivered directly to your location fully cooked/baked; they will arrive already frozen and can be stored as is in the freezer. When a meal is ready to be served, it is placed in an oven or microwave oven for a few minutes — and there you have a piping hot, kosher gourmet meal that tastes and looks as if it was just freshly cooked. Our price includes all the shipping and delivery costs.

Please view our approved menus for the JCS of South Florida:


No red meat


Shelf- stable meals

Holiday menu

Boxed lunch menus

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