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When it comes to traveling by air, we’re all pretty spoiled. We expect minimal inconvenience and are disappointed when our meal isn’t served hot and fresh. But that task isn’t so simple.

The industry of in-flight meal service demands efficiency and experience. The advance preparation requires sufficient refrigerated storage. It also requires knowledge as to which food hold fresh, while maintaining great taste and texture upon reheating.

We produce a large volume of kosher and halal in-flight meals on a daily basis. We have the capacity of efficiently supplying your airline with all of your kosher airline meals. We are prepared to produce delectable meals for your airline, more gourmet than the standard. This will give the airline an edge above the rest in their kosher meals.

Please contact us for details. We will send you samples from our large variety of high quality, delicious and tastefully arranged meals.

In addition to the regular meals, we are able to provide for special dietary requirements with an array of special meals that we offer:

·  CHML – Child Meal

·  FSML – Fish Meal

·  DBML – Diabetic Meal

·  GFML – Gluten Free Meal

·  LSML – Low Sodium Meal

During Passover, we supply Special Kosher meals (usually around March or April). These meals do not contain any leavened products.